Rather then writing some boring “about me” section, because really no one cares “about me” I’m going to write a series of facts that you’d never guess were true.  Of course these facts are “about me” but… hopefully better then looking at a resume.

1. I had rainbow headgear as a child.  I was also in Chess Club.

2. My strict Catholic upbringing makes me STILL worry about what my parents will say.  I had the type of parents that would make me write 500 word essays on “Why Saying ‘Shut Up’ Is Wrong” and “How I Will Be A Better Sibling.”

3.  During College I played rugby and was a cheerleader.  Something about liking to tackle people but also wanting to look pretty….

4. I lived in Thailand for 3 years growing up.

5. I lived in Malaysia for 5 years.

6. Yet I don’t speak ANY foreign languages.

7. I met my finace at a dive bar.  And he’s one of the best kids I’ve ever known.  That’s right – I called you a KID!

8. If it were up to me, the glass would always be half full.


2 responses

1 12 2009
Jo Barker

something about me, huh? well i have an awesome friend named tara who has a very impressive and informative blog. 🙂

1 07 2010

OMG rainbow headgear, that is toooooo sweet my friend! Awesome blog.

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